Samson – Far Beneath Our Blessings

And THIS is why we study the Old Testament!

Why does the Bible preserve stories of people who fall short of their promises? Because – WOW! – we can learn so much from reading them!

When I was in grade school, I read The Children’s Bible from cover to cover and I thought then that Samson was a hero. As I read his story as an adult though, I learn from his mistakes, not his victories.

In the musical Old Testament Records, this song, “Far Beneath My Blessings”, (player at top of this post) captures Samson’s last prayer before he dies.

What can we learn from his story? I like Mike Day’s blog post about Samson (click to see if you agree this is a great title for a Sunday school lesson)!

The scriptural account of Samson’s story is found in Judg. 13–16.


(Artist:  James Tissot)

I also like Ms. D’s Old Testament Blog, which has a lot of great object lessons that really make the story’s lessons come alive for kids!  Frankly, I’d love it if we had this sort of lesson every week in our adult classes too!  😉

The talented David Robertson is our vocalist on this song.  Thank you, David!

For a quick peek at what change was made to this song’s lyrics and why, see the videoblog post here:  Lyrics to “Far Beneath My Blessings” can be found here:

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