Musical Update: Old Testament Records

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Old Testament Records

Old Testament Records is a 25-song musical for a large chorus and 6 or more soloists.  This is my 6th musical and it is – by far – the most complex.  Old Testament Records was composed in 2005 and set aside for a number of years as I worked full time at our family shipping company.  I decided to complete this musical in 2014.  Five months ago I stopped my daily work as CEO at Unishippers-Green Bay and began to work full time on this musical.  This is an overview of the show so far:

Because this musical will be – for many people – an introduction to the Old Testament, most of the major players from the OT are included as soloists  (additional songs are done by the chorus):

Sarah & Haggar
Ruth & Naomi
Young David**
King David*
Elijah & the Widow**
Elijah & the priests of Baal**
The Prophets (appear in several songs)

Since April, I’ve completed orchestration of 21 of the show’s 25 songs.  During orchestration, I choose the accompaniment instruments and compose the instrument lines.  Because most songs have 9-22 instruments, the goal is to produce this musical in a venue that has a great pit orchestra.


While orchestrating, I began contacting vocalists to record demos of the show.  Six of thos demos have been released (these are marked ** in the above list) and the MP3s can be heard at the homepage.  Please share these songs often on social media so they can be used for teaching now and generate interest in the musical Old Testament Records.

Additional songs have been recorded and are awaiting the final audio mix (these are marked with * in the above listing).  Thanks to the vocalists who are sharing their talents (some from several states away)!


Jonah’s song, “A Second Chance” is scheduled for recording this Friday and will be the next song released.  Songs listed after Jonah have top priority for release as we are trying to corrolate with a 2014 Old Testament reading schedule.  Songs that occur earier chronologically will be released as time allows, but we hope all songs will be in MP3-demo form by the end of Q1 2015, at which point we will begin in earnest to vet performance entities and venues for debuting the musical.

What’s it like to work on a huge musical project like Old Testament Records?  Well, I couldn’t ask for better company!  It is a delight to be immersed in scripture!  Sometimes I do get a little freaked out by the scope of the project, however.  I caught one of these moments in this video blog post from early May of 2014.  It’s funny, but it’s really how I felt on that day!

I put quite a push on in August to crank out as many songs as possible while I had my drummer girl at home.  It is EASY to spend EVERY WAKING MOMENT on this musical, but it’s not good for me.  Like everyone whose work/life balance is out of whack, bad stuff starts to happen in my life, an since this is my one-and-only-life, I am determined to pull back and work more normal(-ish) hours on Old Testament Records.  (We’ll see how that goes….)

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Thanks, everyone for your help in spreading the word about the musical Old Testament Records.  While I know I have the charge to WRITE the show, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a yet-unknown (to me) entity that produces the debut.

The Old Testament is the word of God and my goal is to get this word out to as many people as possible.  Please share away!