Job: Hold on!

Sometimes songs are wonderful surprises.

By the time I finished composing “As Gold”, the song sung by Job in the musical Old Testament Records, I realized that Job was singing the blues.  I didn’t set out to write a blues song but – of course! – What else would Job sing?  It fit.

I was fretting last month about just WHO I would get to record this song:  It needed a special voice:  A person who could feel and sing the song all the way from the toes on up.  I received a suggestion to contact  Brian Gruselle, a Green Bay musician whom I first met when I was in junior high, but have only seen infrequently in the last few years.  Much to my delight, he consented to be my Job and as I listened to him record these vocals, I started laughing with relief.  Talk about finding the right man for the job! (Job?)  Thank you, Brian!  What a tremendous treat this was.

The Book of Job (rhymes with “robe”) is the 18th book in the Old Testament and falls into the subcategory of “poetry”, although it is nowhere near a rhyme.  I enjoy reading selections from it: I like the first 3 and the last chapters, as well as the sections where Job speaks.  When his friends come to comfort him, I’m afraid I waffle between wanting to poke them (they are so rude!) and drifting off to sleep.  Sad but true.

As I researched Job in preparation for writing this song, I was surprised to read how “human” he was!  I had often heard people talk about “the patience of Job” and assumed he was some superhero saint, but I was surprised to find that although he had great patience, there were things that he questioned and doubted and – yes – even complained about.  Somehow, learning this made his story feel more relevant to me.

There’s a very short synopsis of Job’s life in the August 2014 Ensign magazine.  There is also an in-depth look at Job and the lessons we can learn from him in the July 1974 Ensign.

The wonderful Charles Schultz often incorporated scripture into his Peanuts comic strip (usually via Linus). I love this strip for all the truths it references.

Peanuts Job 2


To find out about how this song was orchestrated, see this video blog post.  To read the lyrics for “As Gold”, click here.


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