This would make a great LEGO MOVIE! Audio release of “The Challenge”, from Old Testament Records!


Smack talk from a prophet to the king!  I love this story!  Go Elijah!

I predict the patter verse that sets up this song will be the most-quoted patter of Old Testament Records!  I can hardly wait to hear kids doing this with their sibs.

Sometimes scripture verses seem to align themselves rhythmically and fall perfectly into a song format – it certainly happened here for “The Challenge”, which is sung by Elijah and the priests of Baal.

You can read the scriptural account in 1 Kings 18:17-40.  The lyrics for this song can be found here, under #18, “The Challenge”.

This is such a dramatic story!  I would LOVE to see someone make a short LEGO movie out of this text (or please – someone – make a music video!  Woot!)  Part of the appeal is certainly the tremendous visual scene that comes to mind when reading this story.  Just try to listen to this song and not get pictures in your head!

Many of us have seen this print:

LDS elijah-priests-baal-82854-gallery

… but there is also a great painting of this event  by Nicholas Jackson that can be viewed by clicking here:

What’s the application of this story for believers today?  Stop trying to “blend in” and instead choose where you want to stand!  I love this talk by Sharon G. Larsen, which talks about how important it is to choose our side, and not to “stand between two opinions”.

What modern-day decisions have you made that put you on the Lord’s side?  What has been the impact on your life?

Many thanks to our great vocalists:  The Elijah soloist on “The Challenge” is Luke Aumann.  Those wicked priest of Baal are portrayed by Jesse Baumgart and Luke & Louisa Sieber.

Despite the fire from heaven, no performers were harmed in the making of this audio recording!  Enjoy!

If you use this recording for church or with your family, please let me know how you used it and how it was received!