New Release: Daniel sings Stand Up

A Political Primer

Have you ever thought about going into politics?  Right.  Me neither – I’m not sure I could take it!

Why do we study scripture?  Why do people still pour over stories from thousands of years ago? Because scripture stories give excellent examples of people dealing with issues that are still relevant to our day.

This song, “Stand Up” is prefaced by a rhythmic narration that sets the scene.  In it we learn that Daniel – an Israelite teen captured by the invading Babylonians – was taken to Babylon where he eventually served 5 kings over 70 years!  As the song begins, Daniel sings questions that I’m SURE potential candidates are still asking themselves today:

Can a man of god serve in Babylon, yet keep from becoming defiled?
Can we work with political power, and yet, not be beguiled?
This was the challenge I faced in the palace as an exiled Jew:
Could I walk with kings, yet to my God be true?

The Book of Daniel

The book of Daniel has 12 chapters.  Dan. 2:4–7:28 is written in Aramaic and the rest of the book is in Hebrew. The source material for the song “Stand Up” is primarily chapters 1-3 and 6 which contain the stories of the Babylonian siege of Israel in which Daniel and others were moved from Jerusalem to Babylon; the refusal of palace food; the interperatation of the king’s dream and the lions’ den.

daniel map 2

The Artists

The vocals on “Stand Up” are by Luke Aumann, who is the choral instructor at TWO Green Bay secondary schools.  For those in the Green Bay area, check out Luke’s production of Shrek the Musical, which is playing at East High School Nov. 7-15 (details here)!   And check out this story by reporter Warren Gerds, to read what Luke and others are saying about the benefits of high schools doing musicals each year.  Fantabulous!

Luke Aumann

Luke Aumann

Orchestration on “Stand Up” is my own, courtesy of Finale and Reaper.  The awesome drum work (and final mixing of this MP3) is courtesy of the multi-talented Louisa Sieber.

Daniels of our Day

Lyrics for “Stand Up” can be found here on the Old Testament Records page.  While the verses are specific to the story of Daniel, each of the choruses gives us counsel for our day.

While “fallen” leaders are given much media focus, I know there are many in our day who – like Daniel – have given the world decades of honest and true service.  Ladies and gentlemen, kudos to you!


If you know of such a leader in this election year, please send them this link and commend them for the way they “Stand Up” in our world!