Shepherd Boy – Drummer Girl

NEW SONG RELEASE!  To hear “Shepherd Boy” with vocals by Jesse Baumgart, click the above player!

…and who is my drummer girl?  Louisa Sieber!  Who could predict that my cheerful little super-long haired girl would grow up to have such an impact on my recordings? She did some great drum work on this song!


“Shepherd Boy”, is sung by the young David as he faces Goliath, and it puts us smack in the middle of the battle scene:  A driving beat, a military band and a drum-line-battle help to tell the story of the boy who took on the giant.

Key to this storytelling is the drum work of my middle daughter, Louisa.  What a delight it was to work with her this summer!  As I detailed to her the specifics of this scene and the energy and emotion I wanted to convey, she would drum out riff after riff on the chair, table or practice pad, occasionally launching a stick in the process (thankfully, no stick ever hit the monitors)!  It’s a tricky thing to collaborate with someone – there are times you have to say “no that’s not right”, and your collaborator to be secure enough to know you are talking about the riff, not their intelligence or worth as a human being.

It can be even trickier in a parent/child relationship.  Kudos to Louisa, who took feedback and suggested other ideas.  Occasionally she’d feel it WAS the right drum work and say “let’s just put it in and see how it sounds”, which I was happy to do, since sometimes it’s better to put something in rather than get stuck on a couple of measures.  Of course, sometimes those temp lines WERE the right lines, so they stayed in the final orchestration.  (Smart girl.)  This song – like many others in this musical – are far, far better than then would have been with me doing drum input alone.

Also key to this song’s outcome is the vocal work of Jesse Baumgart, who does a great job of conveying the intensity, the determination and the courage of our youthful David!  The day after a recording session, I usually spend 4 times the original session time doing a rough cut of the song, which means that I have the performer’s voice in my ear virtually all day.  After I mixed this song, I texted Jesse to tell him what a pleasure it was to have listened to him all day.  I appreciate him sharing his talent to bring our young David to life.

The story of David and Goliath is found in 1 Samuel 17.  It is a story so often referenced in our culture, that even people who have never touched a Bible know it.  Ideas abound on the internet for teaching this story.   (One of my favorite real-life teaching moments was taping a life-sized Goliath painting to the wall of a gym and letting my young Sunday school students sling marshmallows!)

To hear about what it took to orchestrate this song, view this blog post from July 5th.  To read the lyrics for “Shepherd Boy”, click here.

This song is best enjoyed at full volume.  Have your kids listen for when the stone hits Goliath and how the earth shakes as he falls to the ground and the rest of his army runs away.

Now – turn up your speakers and enjoy!

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