RETRORELEASE: The Prodigal Son’s Return

How would you welcome home a wayward child (a prodigal son)?  Is it a time to remind him of his mistakes or to demand an accounting of his actions?  No.  We take him in our arms, express gratitude for his return, tell him we love him and CELEBRATE!

All that sorting out business?  It can wait until a long time after the celebration…

“Hallelujah, Amen!” is the 3rd of 4 songs that tell the story of The Prodigal son in the musical Hidden Treasures: A Musical Revue of the Parables of Jesus Christ.  Vocalists in this piece are Bruce Burton as the father and Doug Grant as the older brother with the entire cast singing along!

The first song in this series is the father’s, “Back at Home”.
The second song in this series is the Prodigal’s “Oh, Father”.
The Prodigal Son is the 3rd of 3 stories about “the lost” found in Luke 15.

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Coming next week:  The culmination of all songs about the lost:  “Joy in Heaven”!