The musical journey began in 1990. Each musical was performed locally by community members at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Green Bay, Wisconsin. In total, five musicals have been written and performed, with the current work, Old Testament Records, now in the orchestration process and awaiting debut.

To read reviews of past shows, please visit the links below.

“Ambitious musical debuts at area church,” March 5, 2005

“Delights flood big scenes in ‘Noah’ musical,” March 6, 1996

“Sieber’s musical ‘Esther’ an amazing local production,” March 3, 1994

“Church musical gives new twist on Bible,” April 21, 1991

“A writer called Wanda,” March 15, 1990

Hidden Treasures: A Musical Revue of the Parables of Jesus Christ

A musical revue of the parables of Jesus Christ. This musical depicts 12 parables in modern musical styles. Originally performed in 1992, the show was restaged in 2005. Selections from this show are ideal for introducing individual parables in a classroom setting.  DVDs and CDs of Hidden Treasures are now available for purchase.


This 2-hour musical sets the story of Noah in modern-day New Orleans. The show features 8 soloists as Noah and his family members and includes a large chorus – which the reviewer noted as one of the highlights of the show!  NOAH  was originally performed in 1996. This musical is sung through, and has no speaking parts.

Esther – Queen of Persia

Performed in 1994, this musical tells the story of Esther’s journey beginning with the events leading up to her marriage to King Xerxes and including the other stories of Purim.   Soloists are The King, Memucan, Vashti, Haman, Mordecai, and of course, Esther.  This show includes a large chorus.

He is Risen!

He is Risen! debuted in 1991 as a companion musical to What Think Ye of Christ? Also a 60 minute musical, it depicts those who interacted with Jesus from the time of His resurrection to His ascension.  The company is comprised of a large chorus, and the soloists are pulled from within the chorus.  Many of […]

What Think Ye of Christ?

Performed in 1990, What Think Ye of Christ? is a 60-minute musical depicting the experiences of those who interacted with Jesus – John the Baptist, children, his apostles and Mary,  to name a few.  The story begins with Christ’s birth and concludes with his resurrection. What Think Ye of Christ?  features many soloists, and both a […]