Song Release: The Prophets

Song debut from the new musical Old Testament Records!

A honky-tonk piano, a banjo and some country fiddle:

Today’s release is a song I thought would be simply utilitarian but it unexpectedly turned into a catchy little country ditty!

The Back-Story on “The Prophets”:

In order to set up the song “This is Our God” I had to find a way to bring the Old Testament prophets to the stage again.  We were introduced to them in song #1 “Law, History, Poetry, Prophets” (not yet released) but their exposure was limited.  “This is Our God” (listen to it here) is a compilation of Messianic prophecies (Old Testament prophecies that tell of the birth of the Messiah). We released it to this website on Christmas, but it is appropriate for any time!

But who were “The Prophets”?  And what else did they prophesy to ancient Israel? I gathered all the prophets on stage – only possible through the magic of theater, as some lived over a hundred years apart – and had 5 of them sing their prophecies.  There is a call and response between each of the soloists and the group of prophets, who respond, “But did the people receive this prophet?”

To which the soloists always answer, “No!”

And That Chorus!

How did a banjo land in a song about Old Testament prophets?  I’m not sure, but I like how it sounds.  A little down home fiddle too?  Yes, please! It somehow matches the prophets’ reminder and exhortation:  Listen to the prophets!  (Full lyrics here, song #21.)

It’s so easy to see the truthfulness of these prophecies now!  Yet in their own time, it was hard for many to hear and obey.  If you were living in their time, do you think you would have listened?

What Comes Next?

Remember that “The Prophets” was composed to set up “This is Our God”.  To read “the words that we said”, click here (song #22) to see the Messianic prophecies that were so important.

Many Thanks:

Thanks again to all who contributed their voices to this recording!  The soloist are:

Amos the Prophet Gustave Doré

Amos the Prophet Gustave Doré

Amos – Jesse Baumgart

Hosea - Raphael

Hosea – Raphael

Hosea & Zephaniah – Luke Sieber

Isaiah at Colonna dell Immacolata

Isaiah at Colonna dell Immacolata

Isaiah – Bill Sieber

Micah by Gustave Doré

Micah by Gustave Doré

Micah – Luke Aumann

Our prophet chorus includes Robert Olsen, Bill Sieber, James Marker, Steve Gilchrist and Gregory Krehbiel.  And those fantastic drums?  That’s my NYC daughter, Louisa! Thank you, everyone!

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