New Audio Release: Eve sings “Because He Loves Us”

Old Testament Records’ First Solo:  Eve

The musical Old Testament Records opens with a stage-filling song performed by the whole cast!  It’s a fun overview of the entire Old Testament and with the sheer number of people on stage, I predict the opening scene will be delightful mayhem!

The first solo of the show, however, is sung by Eve, who stands alone on the stage after the rest of the cast departs.  As she sings about God’s creation of the world, the screen behind the stage is filled with gorgeous photos of our world in its natural state.

Why is the world as beautiful, as varied, as breathtaking as it is?  Eve sings the answers in this song, “Because He Loves Us”.

I Hear a Symphony!

As I pondered Eve’s contemplation of her new, beautiful world, I heard the lyric backed by and entire symphony!  Here’s a peek at my instrument list for “Because He Loves Us”:

Instrument List - Because He Loves Us - Old Testament Records

As luck would have it, this was the first song in the queue for my new audio-technician, João Paulo Nascimento – not the easiest mix in the world!  João did great work, however, and I love how this song turned out – very full, with great definition between the individual instruments!

Announcing a Video Contest!

Use your own nature photos to create a video for "Because He Loves Us"

Use your own nature photos to create a video for “Because He Loves Us”

I would like to invite talented photographers to take this MP3 of “Because He Loves Us” and create a video, using your own nature photos to match the song’s lyrics (found here).  Send me a link to your video when it’s created:   I will be delighted to post the most exceptional video on this site.  I think Easter would be a great posting date (April 5th this year). Please send me your video links by March 24th to give me plenty of time to review them!

Being Eve – Enjoying Creation

One of my daily goals is to spend time in nature.  I find that when I do that, I am happier.  I love to go hiking with my husband:  This photo is from the very end of the highest trail in Zion National Park‘s Kolob Canyon.  Sitting on this precipice, enjoying the quiet and solitude as I looked over the beautiful canyon, I felt like I was enjoying my very own Eden.  Being in nature helps me remember my (very tiny) place in the universe!

Kolob Canyon, ZION National Park

Kolob Canyon, ZION National Park

I’ll end this post with a quote from John Muir.  Do you ever feel that life is just too much?  Get yourself into the nearest Eden for your very own Eve-experience!

Into the univers


Eve sings of the Creation in  "Because He Loves Us"

Eve sings of the Creation in “Because He Loves Us”