RETRORELEASE: “Forgiveness” – The Unmerciful Servant

Occasionally I’ll screen Twitter (I’m @wandasieber)  to find churches who are Tweeting about their study groups.  When I find one that mentions “parables”, I invite them to visit the Hidden Treasures page on this website.


While we have been posting most songs as “song only” (no introduction), today’s song also includes the reenactment of the parable itself.  Nothing makes scripture live like seeing it onstage! I hope our website visitors use these clips over and over again when teaching about Christ’s parables.

The text for this video clip is found in Matthew 18:21-35.  The first 2 verses are Peter’s conversation with Jesus.  Verses 23 – 35 contain The Parable of the Unmerciful Servant.  Lyrics for the song “Forgiveness” are here.

This video clip features 3 of my favorite people:  Lynna Burton as vocalist, James Marker as the Unmerciful Servant and Bruce Dangerfield as the other debtor.  Each has worked on each of the musicals on this site, directing, performing or lending their voices to audio recordings for the shows.

The Unmerciful Servant:  Lynna Burton, Bruce Dangerfield, James Marker

The Unmerciful Servant: Lynna Burton, Bruce Dangerfield, James Marker

The song “Forgiveness” also features the guitar work of my husband, Bill Sieber, who has a music degree in classical guitar performance, but who is so busy running our family business Unishippers-Green Bay, that I can rarely talk him into performing!  I appreciate his work on this tender song.


Bill Sieber - guitarist

Bill Sieber – guitarist


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