RETRORELEASE: Parable of The Sheep + the Goats


A Parable from Musicals Past:

This song, “When Saw We Thee?” popped into my head, full-force this Sunday.

Elder Hugo E. Martinez

Elder Hugo E. Martinez

I was watching  the concluding session of LDS General Conference and heard Elder Hugo E. Martinez speak on “Our Personal Ministries”.  He said, “We have the special opportunity to be instruments in His hands. We can be so in our marriages, in our families, with our friends, and with our fellowman. That is our personal ministry as true disciples of Jesus Christ.” and then went on to quote the full text of Matthew 25:31-46, which is the parable of The Sheep and the Goats.

If I’d have had this video posted, I would have Tweeted the link during the talk, adding my voice to the #LDSConf #TwitterStake conversation!

The Easter Egg:

This text from Matthew is the source material for the concluding scene in Hidden Treasures:  A Musical Revue of the Parable of Jesus Christ.


When trimming show videos for posting on this website, I don’t usually include the narrative that precedes the song, I just begin with the music:  In this case, the narrative is included, because it contains the key to the “Easter Egg” in “When Saw We Thee?”  I’m not sure how many audience members linked the narrative explanation to the Goats’ inability to finish signing the song as they sang, but now that I’ve tipped you off, I’m sure you will.

Bruce Burton questioning the believers in The Parable of the Sheep & the Goats

Bruce Burton questioning the believers in The Parable of the Sheep & the Goats

The principle referenced is – in my opinion – the true test of Christianity.  I have also emphasized this principle in my dealings as franchisee-CEO of our family’s shipping business  – it applies to the vendor/customer relationship as well as the employer/employee relationship.

The Green Bay Connection:

One of the most enjoyable parts of producing this musical was running all over my hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin to get pictures of people engaging in service to others.  These were used to create a slide show that was projected over the heads of the performers during the last chorus of the song – evidence that there are sheep everywhere fulfilling the commandment to love and care for our fellowmen. Community members, these are not staged photos:  Do you see anyone you know?  This gentleman was the go-to man at St. Vincent de Paul for MANY years!

St. Vincent de Paul store in Green Bay, WI

St. Vincent de Paul store in Green Bay, WI

The Reason It Feels So Good:

Singing this song – the lyrics are almost a word for word quote of the scripture – felt terrific.  I know for sure that the real measurement of our discipleship is NOT our gospel knowledge, our church attendance or our contributions – our test is do we care for our fellow man?  It was deeply satisfying to see the audience watch the compassionate service-slideshow and be moved by the words of Christ as we sang them.

As the show concluded with the final photo of Christ, my heart was full to bursting.

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