RETRO RELEASE! The Prodigal’s Father

No one likes making mistakes, but watching someone we love make a terrible mistake is even harder!

This song, “Back at Home”, gives voice to the father of The Prodigal Son.  That story is found in Luke 15:11-32.  While our attention often rests on the Prodigal or on his older brother, I wanted to allot equal time to his father.

This is a recording of a live performance from the 2005 cast of Hidden Treasures: A Musical Revue of the Parables of Jesus Christ.  Ambient noise is often a challenge in live recordings.  If you’d like to read the lyrics as you listen, they can be found here.

Want to hear the son’s thoughts after he’s hit the bottom?  Check out the video here.

Thanks to Bruce Burton, for his tender portrayal of The Prodigal’s Father.


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