Retro Release! “A Penny From the Lord” from the musical Hidden Treasures

“That’s not FAIR!”

How many times have you heard that?  If you’re a parent, my guess is you’re WAY into triple digit-count on that particular phrase!  We seem to have an innate desire for fairness, which – when we’re younger – magically equates to “sameness”.

Of all the parables in Hidden Treasures, this might be the one that was most referenced at our house in terms of doctrine:  You get what you’re promised, but you don’t get to decide or comment on what others get, because that’s none of your business.  Pretty tough to absorb for a child (and frankly sometimes hard to internalize as an adult).  The text of the parable is found in Matthew 20:1-16, and it is quoted in its entirety at the beginning of my video clip, above.

Of course although there is a lesson for the “early hires” the great foundation of this parable is for those who are “hired last”.  What if we are not yet in God’s vineyard working?  Is it too late?  The message is:  It is never too late!

This parable is often quoted, referencing that promise.  I like this short clip of Jeffrey R. Holland’s talk (unofficial).  Thanks to the creative person who put this together!

The parables are just as applicable today as they were in Christ’s time.  I love these stories!

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