Retro release! “FAITH” from the musical NOAH

I’ve been thinking alot about faith this week, as I prep the Old Testament Records  song “The Test of Faith” for release tomorrow.  I’ve written about faith in the past, which led me to today’s retro release from the musical “NOAH”.

The story of Noah is found in Genesis 6-9, with God giving Noah specific directions for what to put in the ark in Genesis 6:17-22.  In pondering how Noah would accomplish this while also building an ark, I hypothisized that he would certainly delegate some of the project to his wife and the wives of his 3 sons.  In the show, Noah asks these women to gather all the food that would be needed for the animals during their VERY long time in the ark.

Was that too much of a creative leap?  I know this kind of delegation happens all the time in my family!  😉  (Believe me, the sharing of responsibilities flows in both directions!   One of our favorite family phrases is “Many hands make light work…”)

The lyrics for this song are here.  I can just imagine how overwhelmed the women would have felt at the enormity of the job.  Whew!  Having received several overwhelming assignments in my lifetime, I know such assignments bring  a feeling that is a unique mix of stop-in-your-tracks-soberness, head-spinning alertness and….. feeling like I’m going to throw up.

Yes, exactly that!

“FAITH” is the kind of song I love to listen to whenever I need a boost. The four talented vocalists on this song are Lynna Burton, Jeni Jansen, Shelly Emmer and Ginger Hawkinson.  These ladies helped me put together this rehearsal track prior to the show being produced.  Having this recording allowed our cast to quickly learn the vocals for the premiere of this show in 1996.  The truely awesome parts of this choral arangement were done by the very talented Chris Salerno.  Thank you ladies for sharing your talents with the world!


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