First Audio Release from Old Testament Records! “Famine in the Kingdom of Israel”


Here it is! This is the FIRST MP3 demo release from Old Testament Records.  It is the 16th song in OTR  and it’s called “Famine in the Kingdom of Israel”.

Our Sunday School is studying the Old Testament this year and will soon be talking about Elijah. I love the story of Elijah and the widow found in 1 Kings 17:1-16.   1 Kings 16:29-33 provides the background for this great story. Of great interest to me is the fact that this widow was not of Elijah’s faith, yet she was still asked to act on faith and fulfull the prophet’s request for food (the last food in her house)!

In reading this, I immediately heard the story as a gospel-flavored song!  Unlike the other songs in the musical Old Testament Records – this song has no narrative set up. it’s just –  BOOM – music! “Famine in the Kingdom of Israel”  includes the historical background for the scene as well as the words of both Elijah and the widow (and it’s mighty fun to sing!)

To hear about the orchestration of this song, click here to be taken to the video blog.

A note on these MP3s:  These are rough cut audio demos that we are using to give interested parties a feel for the show.  We are not spending a lot of time making these studio-quality recordings – this is a work in progress.  Please enjoy these and forward to others who may have an interest in theater-stlye music demos.  There will be cast-recorded, high-quality versions of each of these songs in the future.  🙂

Stay tuned for songs in the coming weeks from both the Widow (“The Test of Faith”) and from Elijah and the priests of Baal (“The Challenge”).  We will continue to release new OTR songs during the remainer of 2014, correlating loosely with our Sunday School’s lesson plan.

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I would love to have your comments on this new song! Lyrics are here (click on #16):

(For those of you who have scriptural lessons each week with your family, I highly recommend the link below. It is a 10 minute film depicting the story of Elijah and the woman and it is excellent!)


In teaching a family lesson on Elijah, are there any other resources you would recommend?

Enjoy the song.  You may commence dancing!  😉


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